Sunday, May 29, 2016

Extra Credit Event 1

This past week I attended a presentation by Dr. María Antonia González Valerio regarding her work at the National Autonomous University of Mexico of educating the world about important issues by intercrossing humanities, arts, and sciences (UCLA Art Sci). Dr. Valerio embodies the creation of a third culture—discussed in Unit 1: Two Cultures—in both her presentation and her work as a director of her organization.

She utilizes her ability of joining three qualities together—philosophy, art, and science—in order to reach people about her platform on the use of biotechnology in agriculture. Her organization is very much against the use of GMOs in Mexico’s corn agriculture. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are a main component in artistic biotechnology taking place in agriculture production. However, GMOs threaten danger to the maize crop and are highly opposed by the Mexican community.

The organization encourages counter action of the use of GMOs through artistic, scientific, and humanitarian means. Although it is against the law to plant GMO seeds, they can be fed to livestock and “planted” through animal defecation. Thus the threat to Mexico’s maize agriculture continues.

The community makes many efforts to fight the threat to maize produce, including the artistry of embroidered propaganda. The opposition of biotechnology brings together people representing all different cultures and even helps people utilize “techno science” to link nature and art.

This lecture was very eye opening regarding how compatible the arts and sciences are. Dr. Valerio did a great job of presenting how well the two cultures come together with power much stronger than if the two cultures were standing alone. The lecture was very informative and I would recommend it to those more interested in learning about art, science, and philosophy.


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