Monday, May 2, 2016

Event 1: The Getty Museum

Last Sunday, a few of my friends and I visited the Getty Museum and it was a great experience. I loved the environment and it was teaming with people who really enjoy art. I was inspired by a few of the pieces that depicted how math and art can be intertwined to create influential works of art. There are several aspects of mathematics that can be recognized at this museum-- specifically in the Sculpture Garden-- such as geometry, proportions, and perspective. One piece of art at the museum (below) was a sculpture of flowers incased in metal rods. The geometry used to create this sculpture are easy to be recognized. The flowers and metal rods have been constructed in a harmonious way to embody one major geometric shape composed of multiple unique geometric shapes. 

There are some less obvious works of art at the museum but still as equally inspirational. The man-made stream perfectly portrays how perspective is used in artwork (below). The stream appears to get significantly smaller off into the distance, however there is not much distance between the end of the stream and the distance at which the photo was taken. The stream was constructed to physically get more narrow as it approaches the "vanishing point" in order to make the stream appear as though it continues into the distance. 

The main piece in the Sculpture Garden perfectly embodies geometry and proportions. The spacing and symmetry of the sculpture as well as the geometric composition create a unique aura. This sculpture shows proof as to how math and art come together in several aspects to create various works of art.  

The Getty Museum was a great event to attend and it was inspirational to see how many different forms of art can be created using mathematics. It was also interesting to see how large of an influence the Getty has on people. Many people attend this museum daily and even come from across the country to have the opportunity to witness some of the finest art today. It was exciting to see the vast audience the Getty, and art in general, has the capability to influence and how art can bring so many people together to a common place. I would definitely recommend this event to my fellow peers!

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